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We are passionate sound designers, offering end-to-end sound solutions along with a vibrant experience. Beyond technical skills and high quality sound production, our job is all about people, trust and fun.

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David Mimouni

Graduated at Sapir school in the Negev, I acquired my experience by being part of the most popular branches in our business. Experienced in radio, television, studios, music production and teaching, I am today a full-stack sound designer.

I am excited today to start a new adventure full of challenges with Studiofonic.

Michael Ebbo

I'm a passionate sound designer and co-founder at Studiofonic. I work in video production for great brands such as Nike, Globus Max, Burger King, Bank Leumi and many more. I was lucky being the sound designer of "Celebz", an animated series aired in prime time on Yes. I also collaborate with many leading artists as Ivri Lider, Arkadi Duchin, Rita to name just a few.

I'm working at Galatz/Galgalatz radio stations and lecturing in major sound schools in Israel such as Sapir college and Pluto studios.

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